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Showcasing #G-Zag today!


G-Zag is one of my favourites and I love the design down the side of the leg!

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Here’s the link.


Stocking Leg Redux at its Best!

Elle MacPherson in Playboy, May 1994.

Nineteen year later, August 2013, Elle revived the Brigitte Bardot inspired pose at 49 years of age!


Stocking leg-cross redux at its best!


Can you Wear Lace Tights to Work?

Don’t think you can wear lace tights to work?

Think again!


The trick is to keep your outfit simple!

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Stockings – Retro Glam all the way!

I love wearing my black opaques but there is something very special when it comes to plain black stockings; holdups give a similar feel, however stockings are totally ‘retro-glam’ and the ultimate hosiery choice.


Stay tuned for some luxury stockings from The Hosiery Queen this year!

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Get ready for winter! Be quick! Our stocks are selling fast!


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The Return of The Bodysuit!

Sadly I remember the original bodysuits as a teenager.  I would wear my high waisted DKNY jeans with a black or white long sleeved turtle neck topped off with a mass of curly ‘cork screwed’ hair.  That was the pinnacle of early nineties fashion.

bodysuit4bodysuit7   bodysuit9

Bodysuits in the 90’s were like a toddlers ‘onesie’, like a leotard or one piece swimwear with awkward, practically impossible to reach, snap fasteners under the crotch.  The press studs were annoying and also uncomfortable and if the body suit didn’t fit correctly it was forever giving a wedgy, revealing ‘hip skin’ or ‘popping’ undone.

Sometimes all three happened!  The horror!

Attempt to sit down……………Reveal hip skin, feel the wedgy…………….‘pop’!!!!

Even worse, however, was that I was forever forgetting to snap the fasteners back into back place after a visit to the powder room.

‘Tail’ watching was a regular event in the early 90’s.  And, it wasn’t a good look!

By the mid 1990’s the belly button piercing craze had hit town and everyone decided to reveal their jewelled navels and abandon these poor misunderstood body suits to the back of the wardrobe.


And so to 2014, thankfully bodysuits have moved on from those early creations and today they are an excellent wardrobe staple.  The closures are not directly under the crotch and advanced fabrications and tailored cuts mean that the body suit can offer smooth lines, support and, in some cases that extra bum lift.

Here’s Leighton Meester rocking a lace body with bra underneath and some other examples of modern day bodies.

bodysuitbodysuit5 .bodysuit1bodysuit3

Look out for some new body suits being offered by The Hosiery Queen in 2014.

I can guarantee that the fit will be right but you’ll still have to remember to fasten them!

The ‘tail’ will never be fashionable!

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