Take a look at comedian Michael McIntyre and his razor sharp observation on hosiery!

’There are aspects of a woman getting dressed that have decidedly mixed results……TIGHTS, for example, is a very 50/50 affair…….’

Take a look at comedian Michael McIntyre and his razor sharp observation on hosiery!




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How True!


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Understanding Hosiery Deniers. A Simple Guide.

I am ashamed to admit that deniers have always confused me, which, seeing as I have worked in textiles all my life is a bit embarrassing to fess up to.

It all just seems so confusing….


Technically, the denier concept was initially applied to natural fibres, such as silk and cotton, but over time this has included synthetic fibres, such as rayon and nylon. A denier is a measurement that is used to identify the fibre thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of cloth. One denier means that 9,000m of yarn weighs one gram. This means that denier relates to the weight (i.e. thickness) of the yarn.

Here’s a picture of a denier balance that is used in textile labs around the world:


Got it?

No….me neither!

In simple terms, the lower the denier, the sheerer and more fragile the hosiery is. The higher the denier the more opaque (less see through) and thicker the hosiery becomes. As with most things, however, there are exceptions. To bewilder the hosiery buyer even more there are now certain ‘up market’ hosiery brands that appear sheerer than their denier, so they offer sheerness and strength!


Anyway, here’s The Hosiery Queens basics to deniers:

  • Ultra-Sheers are usually less than 10 denier and will smooth out blemishes for the ultimate bare leg look. Ultra-Sheers are ideal in hot weather and for glamorous evening translucency. You can also wear Ultra-Sheers with strappy sandals as most have sheer toes. Ultra-Sheers are also terribly fragile and easily snagged, so keep the clear nail polish handy!



  • Sheers are the mainstream classic hosiery at 10 to 20 denier.  Sheers are slightly thicker than the Ultra-Sheer. With Sheers it will be obvious you are wearing hosiery and they are ideal for everyday wear. Sheers are a little more durable than its more fragile sister and are also less likely to snag.

tumblr_mrzsbm9Nvv1sztnw4o1_500 imagesCAA5RPVZ imagesCAEJ436Q

  • Semi-Opaques are stronger than Sheers at around 21 to 40 denier. Semi-Opaques are not yet Opaque but they are more durable than Sheers.  You can also still see the skin through the texture.

semi opaques imagesCAICS4RU imagesCAAOFKJ8 imagesCAQYB4IA

  • Opaques are from 40 denier up and can also be referred to as ‘tights’ because of their solid structure and full coverage. Opaques are great for the  start of winter and colour blocking.

imagesCA452WV3  imagesCAOWU6LR imagesCAY3S5W3opaqueimagesCA0MW0LW

  • Thick Opaques will be around 70 to 99 denier. These are the heavier, longer lasting members of the hosiery family and are also ideal for winter.

imagesCAI7LZJR imagesCASIAXAE imagesCAV73UU7 imagesCAIR3UTY

Finally, the big daddy of hosiery is the:

  • Mega Thick Opaque at 100 Denier Plus.  These are great alternatives to leggings and woolly tights and are absolutely perfect for bitterly cold winters.

imagesCAJM2PRN  yyyy imagesCARZTA2E

I hope this little insight into the hosiery family helps. As you can see understanding the different deniers, and the names associated with them, is invaluable.  Differing weights and thicknesses will affect style, comfort, warmth, and appearance.

The Hosiery Queen x

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White Tattoos!

Taking inspiration from white tattoos today!  Never seen anything like this before.  This a lace and mehndi inspired white tattoo that goes all the way down the arm making a gorgeous delicate sleeve.


hhimages tumblr_m8xmp9Kubz1rd3bwvo1_500 tumblr_m88fwddapB1rd3bwvo1_500 untitled8hand-tattoo-white-color

And the prize for the most bizarre brand extension….


….has to surely go to Bic.

We all know that Bic understands disposable pens and safety razors and can heat things up with their throwaway cigarette lighters; but I’m just not sure how ‘hot’ their own line of hosiery is?

Apparently the unifying factor here was ‘disposability’, so Bic thought this could be exploited within their well established distribution network. OK, the disposability element is still there, and curiously Bic insisted on using their own name, but these are the only links I can see.

Lighters, razors and pens are all made from injection-moulded plastic, resources can be shared and exploited. Hosiery is a completely different technology, production and distribution channel.

Unsurprisingly ‘disposable pantyhose’ didn’t attract any customers.

I can’t say I would be rushing to the shops to buy them.

The ‘Shagging’ Suspender Problem!


At the start of my career in lingerie, which is nearly twenty years ago, I was a fresh trainee selector at one of the biggest lingerie retailers in the UK and I had to do a quality audit on their suspenders. Full of young enthusiasm I telephoned and visited all the stores around the country and analysed the quality of the suspenders. The problem was the suspenders were being ‘snagged’ in store and returns were high.

Back at HQ, with all my data and results in hand, I wrote up my notes and handed it to the pool of secretaries. Now, anyone under the age of 40 won’t know what this is, but the ‘pool’ was a group of typists in the company that typed up letters…….on a type writer, so no computers! The pool secretary that picked up my handwritten work was foreign and really didn’t understand what she was typing.

The next day, yes the next day, I picked up my typed report and proudly handed it out to all the important people in the business. It was my first ever significant piece of work.

Notice that, I didn’t check it!

Anyway, after about half an hour I started to get the phone calls. The pool typist had read the word as ‘shagged’ and not ‘snagged’. So the introduction headline said ‘The shagging problem at (insert company here)’. To make matters worse I had also produced a graph which said, and I remember this part clearly, ‘Edinburgh very shagged’, ‘Bristol only slightly shagged’, and ‘Chelmsford saw no shagging at all!’.

The horror!

I am sure I have a copy of it somewhere.

If I find it I’ll post it.

Let’s all hope, that since then, Chelmsford has at least seen some action….