The ‘Saucy’ Fishnet


No one is exactly sure where the ‘saucy’ fishnet originated from; What is known is that in 1908 fishnet stockings arrived in America from Paris.

Most fishnets, in general, are diamond in shape with various sized mesh holes.

The smallest is called a micro net or micro tulle.

fisdhnet fishneytgg fishnet fishnetsaaa

The next size up is the 2mm regular diamond fishnet that we have probably all seen, heard of and probably worn for a naughty night in!

fishneteee fishnets10 fishnets3

After this is the not so widespread industrial net which is about 12mm in size.

industaa   industrindustr,,,,ind

And, finally, at the end of the scale, are the larger fishnets which can also be called stringer, fence or whale nets.

large largers largestlargehhh

From the early 1900’s and right up until the 1960’s fishnets were only worn by ‘ladies of the night’, tarty women, dancers and pin up girls.  At some point during the 1960’s the fishnet, which was still a stocking held up with a garter belt,  became ‘marginally fashionable’, but it definitely wasn’t at all mainstream or worn by enough women to turn around it’s ‘tarty’ image.

During the 1970’s the Punks claimed the fishnet as their own by making the net a mockery of modern cultures view of the females sexuality;  this was mentioned in Lauraine Leblanc’s book ‘Pretty in Punk’, females were,

taking what they and their society thinks is sexy and … making it ugly’.


punk3 punks2

After the punks the Goths adorned themselves with the fishnet which then popularized the net with many ‘alternative’ teenagers around the world and continues to do so even to this day.

goth goth5 punks alt

It was not until much later, probably around the early 1990’s, that fishnet tights started to be seen on the catwalks and in main stream fashion.  Indeed it was really only at the start of this century that ‘good girls’ (whatever that is!?) could wear fishnets to the office and not be called a ‘tart’ or asked if they were dressing for Halloween.

Even now, with the fishnets racy past, it is still as important as ever to choose your fishnet and outfit carefully.  Personally I’m a fan of nude colour micro-nets, they are far more durable than regular denier hosiery, sexy up close and totally professional if someone is more than a foot away.

Yes, look closely, Katy Perry has them on here.


The Hosiery Queen x

Not ‘just another pair of fishnets’, The Hosiery Queen will be launching in 2013, offering exclusive patterned hosiery at affordable prices using the latest seamless technology available.  Our fashion hosiery will elongate and slim your pins and will change the way you accessorise your legs forever.

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