Layering Tights and Hosiery


Now that it is getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s look at layering tights and hosiery for office wear and more ‘formal’ occasions.

The simplest way to ‘layer’ hosiery is to start off by wearing a pair of nude coloured hose one shade darker than your own colouring and then add a pair of black, brown or navy plain or patterned tights over the top.

In my case right now my first layer would be pasty, because my current body colour is a very pale shade of white (thanks to the Southern hemisphere winter)…….but you get the idea.

This uncomplicated type of layering is great for the office and formal occasions; it adds a ‘secret’ warm colour to the legs, smooths the leg, hides imperfections, gives a little bit of thigh and tummy control with the double layers, keeps you warm, and, more importantly means you can ditch the fake tan.  Personally I can’t stand the smell of fake tan so always choose this layered option when required.  Another advantage to wearing a pair of self-colour tights underneath is that it will stop those dreadful circulation stopping ‘toe-wedgies’ that can happen when wearing large net patterned hosiery.


Later on we will look at more adventurous and colourful ways to layer tights and hosiery so you can spice up a little black dress and pretty up basic fishnets.

More to follow….

The Hosiery Queen x

Not ‘just another pair of fishnets’, The Hosiery Queen will be launching in 2013, offering exclusive patterned hosiery at affordable prices using the latest seamless technology available.  Our fashion hosiery will elongate and slim your pins and will change the way you accessorise your legs forever.

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