Freezing Your Hosiery?


Want to know a way to make your stockings and tights last longer?
Apparently when you buy them, take them out of the packaging, lightly wet them just to the point of being damp. Take a sealable plastic sandwich bag and place the damp pantyhose inside that. Seal it up and pop it into the freezer to sit overnight, or even just a few hours. The pantyhose needs to freeze completely.
When you take them out of the freezer, don’t defrost them in the microwave, just sit them at room temperature to thaw out and dry naturally.
It also appears that freezing your pantyhose in-between wears works just as well too.
To be honest, I wouldn’t be very keen putting frozen tights on in winter but apparently the trick works?
I am, however, no scientist, so please don’t ask me why this works….

The Hosiery Queen x


Not ‘just another pair of fishnets’, The Hosiery Queen offers exclusive patterned hosiery at affordable prices using the latest seamless technology available. Launching in September 2013 our fashion hosiery will elongate and slim your pins and will change the way you accessorise your legs forever.

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