Optical Art Hosiery – New Fashion Trend 2013

optical imagesCAQFD0G1 imagesCADAH91A imagesCAA73WAO imagesCA555XPX imagesCAS4LNB1 imagesCA02R1C8

There is no need to adjust the computer screen or think you have square eyes!
I am seeing a huge trend towards optical illusions on the runway which will definitely filter through to the mainstream over the next couple of seasons. These eye-popping abstract graphics called Op Art are usually in black and white and when viewed they keep moving, have hidden images or flash and vibrate; even when sitting down!
Here’s some imagery from New York Fashion week, Spring 2013, designers Alexandre Herchcovitch and Marc Jacobs both had funky Op Art inspired designs.


The master of hosiery, Emilio Cavallini, has also offered some Op Art inspired pantyhose with some really striking results.


I find optical illusions to be a fascinating visual phenomena and have always appreciated the Dutch graphic artist M C Escher. Perhaps I should look at using some of his artwork for inspiration on the next range.

imagesCAVDU1QX imagesCA7M74IU imagesCA6SQAM1 eshlerdd eshcler1 eschler

I only wish, however, that there was a way of achieving an ‘optical illusion’ that made my legs look longer and slimmer!

Wouldn’t that be nice?


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