Bizarre Nylon Sculptures

Dutch artist Rosa Verloop uses regular old stockings to create these by squishing, folding, molding, shaping, squeezing and pinning the layered nylons into place.

Take a look at some of the eerie, yet captivating, sculptures of the human form below.

They look soft and cuddly but also creepy ‘Herman Munsterish’ at the same time.

What do you think?

imagesCAWHTNU9 imagesCAXIZT04 rosa_verloop_2_20120708_1459982586 Rosa-Verloop_web1 Rosa-Verloop_web4 Rosa-Verloop_web5-784x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web6-767x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web7-767x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web8-754x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web9-767x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web13-767x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web16-767x1024 Rosa-Verloop_web17 Rosa-Verloop_web18 verloop_01v2-500x599 verloopsculpture verloopsculpture2 verloopsculpture4 verloopsculpture5 verloopsculpture6 verloopsculpture7 verloopsculpture8 verloopsculpture10 verloopsculpture11 verloopsculpture12

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