Stop That Ladder in its Tracks!


Here are some quick fixes to stop a snag or ladder in its tracks!

•Nail polish is one of the most common ways to fix snags and holes in pantyhose. Any colour nail polish will do if the snag or hole is on the bottom of the foot otherwise try using a clear polish or a colour that matches your hose anywhere else. Brush the polish all around the edges of the tear to temporarily stop it from running. If you are dealing with a snag be sure to apply the polish at the beginning, end and around the edges of the run. This will stop it from growing larger. Two applications are best. Allow around 30 seconds or until it seems dry. To avoid getting nail polish on your skin either remove the hose and gently stretch on a shampoo bottle (for example) or place a paper towel between your skin and the hole. Nail polish will not wash off so it’s a great quick repair.
•Another quick fix for hose problems is hairspray. Spray hairspray on the entire ladder. This will temporarily stiffen the fibres and prevent the tear from enlarging. This is best used with the hose off, or with something between your skin, otherwise you will be left with a yucky sticky film on your legs. Be sure to spray the whole area to prevent the hole from getting larger. Hairspray dries quickly so this is great to use in a hurry. It is, however, only a temporary and will wash off.
•If you’re at work and the tear is out of sight, use White Out in the same way you would apply nail polish. This will also wash out like the hairspray.
•If you discover a ladder in the toe of opaque tights simply use an needle and thread to sew up the hole.

•Worst case scenario. Channel your inner rock star and create more holes!

You are now good to go!

The Hosiery Queen

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