Accordions, Latex Gloves and Squatting….


Accordions, Latex Gloves and Squatting….?

What has this got to do with hosiery?

Following on from yesterday’s post.  Proper pantyhose care depends on how you put them on:

It’s preferable to wear hosiery with cotton undies.  So sadly ditch the silky underwear (unless it is a special occasion).  Unfortunately pantyhose can slip down against silky material and this, in turn, will force you to pull them up again and again over the course of the day and increase the chances of ripping them.

Here’s are a few tips to keep in mind when putting on hosiery:

  • If there is a seam on the waistband, this goes at the back.
  • Gather up one leg of the pantyhose, like an accordion.  Start at the waist and roll down to the toe using your thumbs along the inside of one leg and the index fingers along the outside.tights34
  • When you are done, you will be holding the toe and waist of the pantyhose bunched up in between your index fingers and thumb.


  • Stretch and position the toe seam horizontally across your toes and curl up your toes, to prevent snagging.
  • Pull the pantyhose gently over your heel and gradually pull them over your calf, knee and then to mid-thigh with the pads of your fingers, not your nails.  If there are back seams, make sure they are straight.


  • Follow these steps for your other leg.
  • Once both legs are to mid-thigh alternate each leg and stretch the pantyhose up to the waist.  I would also suggest a very inelegant ‘squat’ to help facilitate the process.tights31
  • When you get to the waist, make sure that the hosiery is not twisted or uncomfortable.  If it is, start all over again (groan!).
  • If you did not wear any gloves previously, consider gloves for this next step.  Put on rubber or latex gloves with textured palms to ensure that the pantyhose is smooth and perfectly positioned giving a flawless finish.


  • Finally, dress with caution.  Beware of boot buckles, ankle straps, zips, skirt clasps, dress hooks, or any sharp metals that could attack your hose.

Tomorrow; naughty ‘Hose Rippers’ are around every corner!….


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