Preparing Your Pantyhose (before putting it on)

photo (200)

If you are anything like me then I am sure some mornings you have struggled to find a pair of hosiery without a run, hole or tear. Even today I am still puzzled on how my hosiery gets damaged when all it has done is sit in my underwear drawer and I’ve not even attempted to make them ‘rock chic glam’.

Anyway, here’s some tips to safeguard your hosiery, some of which are soooo obvious, but I still ignore/forget. Even this weekend I laddered my favourite pair of stretch silk stockings with a cheap $5 bracelet. Not a happy outcome considering the bracelet was worth a fraction of the stockings!

So without further ado consider the following preparation when putting on hosiery:

  • De-fuzz those legs ladies. Smooth legs will facilitate putting on your pantyhose.
  • Is your manicure and pedicure up to date? Broken and hangnails will snag your tights. At the very least file your fingernails and toenails.
  • Remove any rings or bracelets, I guarantee they will ladder any tight.
  • Moisturize, moisturise, moisturise. That’s your hands, feet, and legs.
  • If it’s a really ‘special’ pair of tights, such as silk etc., wear cotton or latex gloves. I know this sounds a bit obsessive, but gloves really are worth the investment. If you don’t have gloves, simply apply an extra coat of lotion to your hands before touching the pantyhose.

Watch out tomorrow for tips on how to put your hosiery on….

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