Darth Vader in Stockings

34748-Lady-Vader-Cosplay-hot-legs-bo-rTYC sexy_darth_vader_cosplay_8d300022_sz750x1200

I really do try quite hard not to over analyse the stats on my blogs but sometimes it is really hard to ignore the somewhat strange ‘search terms’ that people have used to direct them to ‘TheHosieryQueen’.  Here’s some of the more bizarre search terms, including some corker spelling mistakes.  I should also point out that I don’t think any of these phrases have actually ever appeared in my blogs either (although I may have certain variations on some of the themes)….enjoy….

Big butt dancers

Is Sarah Jessica Parker a man or horse

Rabbit porn

Anal jewels worn by men for women

Japanese people with hairy legs

Tights on C3PO

Hairry leg trousers

Sophia Lorens feet

How to rob a bank

Men who look hot dressed in hosiery

I think the whole time about pantyhose

Mood housery new dessing 2013

Words to granny got her daisy dukes on

Piano hosiery


And my favourite:

Darth Vader in a G-string


The Hosiery Queen

Not ‘just another pair of fishnets’, The Hosiery Queen offers exclusive patterned hosiery at affordable prices using the latest seamless technology available.  Launching in September 2013 our fashion hosiery will elongate and slim your pins and will change the way you accessorise your legs forever.


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