And the prize for the most bizarre brand extension….


….has to surely go to Bic.

We all know that Bic understands disposable pens and safety razors and can heat things up with their throwaway cigarette lighters; but I’m just not sure how ‘hot’ their own line of hosiery is?

Apparently the unifying factor here was ‘disposability’, so Bic thought this could be exploited within their well established distribution network. OK, the disposability element is still there, and curiously Bic insisted on using their own name, but these are the only links I can see.

Lighters, razors and pens are all made from injection-moulded plastic, resources can be shared and exploited. Hosiery is a completely different technology, production and distribution channel.

Unsurprisingly ‘disposable pantyhose’ didn’t attract any customers.

I can’t say I would be rushing to the shops to buy them.


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