The ‘Shagging’ Suspender Problem!


At the start of my career in lingerie, which is nearly twenty years ago, I was a fresh trainee selector at one of the biggest lingerie retailers in the UK and I had to do a quality audit on their suspenders. Full of young enthusiasm I telephoned and visited all the stores around the country and analysed the quality of the suspenders. The problem was the suspenders were being ‘snagged’ in store and returns were high.

Back at HQ, with all my data and results in hand, I wrote up my notes and handed it to the pool of secretaries. Now, anyone under the age of 40 won’t know what this is, but the ‘pool’ was a group of typists in the company that typed up letters…….on a type writer, so no computers! The pool secretary that picked up my handwritten work was foreign and really didn’t understand what she was typing.

The next day, yes the next day, I picked up my typed report and proudly handed it out to all the important people in the business. It was my first ever significant piece of work.

Notice that, I didn’t check it!

Anyway, after about half an hour I started to get the phone calls. The pool typist had read the word as ‘shagged’ and not ‘snagged’. So the introduction headline said ‘The shagging problem at (insert company here)’. To make matters worse I had also produced a graph which said, and I remember this part clearly, ‘Edinburgh very shagged’, ‘Bristol only slightly shagged’, and ‘Chelmsford saw no shagging at all!’.

The horror!

I am sure I have a copy of it somewhere.

If I find it I’ll post it.

Let’s all hope, that since then, Chelmsford has at least seen some action….


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