Can You Wear Tights as Pants? (Including some Hosiery Fails!)

Parking my car last night in the dark a young girl walked past and I couldn’t help noticing, as my head lights shone on her, that the poor lassie had chosen to wear tights (or more likely cheap light weight leggings) as pants.  You could see they were pretty transparent.

When getting dressed in the morning do you sometimes think;

‘Am I actually wearing pants?’.

‘Are leggings pants?’  No………….Just because an item of clothing doesn’t have feet it doesn’t make them pants.

‘Can you get away with wearing tights as pants?’  No…………tights are not pants, tights are undergarments.

‘What exactly are ‘jeggings’?’  Who cares………..only little girls under five should wear them.

I have, however, spotted more ‘tights as pants’ offenders than I care to remember so here is a simple flow chart, sourced off the internet.  Take a look.  At the very least print it off and use it to cover up your friend or your work colleagues exposed bottom.


And to lighten the day up, here are some offenders:

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6 responses to “Can You Wear Tights as Pants? (Including some Hosiery Fails!)

  1. I wear leggings as pants all the time, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I have also on occassion wore Ricki’s footless tights as pants because they are opaque and not see through but very comfortable. I live where everyone wears leggings as pants so nobody really cares if your panty line is visable. Lots of cool leggings out there so why not wear them?

    • Hello – Thanks for the comment. I haven’t heard of Ricki’s, but a quick Google tells me their footless tights are very opaque, plush lined and warm. Yummmmm! Is that correct? The reviews were also really positive saying that they were very flattering as well. What a win! I think the definition of tights in the USA is different to tights here in Australia and the UK. What we call tights here is your pantyhose. So if we purchased footless ‘tights’ here they would definitely be see-through and considered an undergarment. Confusing huh?
      I agree that there are lots of cool leggings out there that look fantastic.
      Have a great day!

      • I have 10 pairs of Ricki’s footless plush lined tights that I wear as pants in the fall and winter because they’re so warm, but they are discontinued now. A person might wonder why anyone would buy 10 pair of tights. Well Ricki’s had a 50% off sale on all their pants and because the sales person had convienced me that footless tights could be worn as pants it was a no brainer to stocks up. Now here is were the sale gets better “buy one get one free” and now she’s not sure if they are actually considered pants. To make a long story short I was able to purchase 5 pairs of these $16.50 tights for $8.25 each and received 5 pairs free. If you do the math that’s a $140.00 savings and I have enough pairs of these footless tights to last me 3 years.
        No thick tights in Australia? Pantyhose are considered as an undergarment here as well and they are totally see through so you would be wearing something to cover up. I only wear pantyhose when I am wearing leggings which is almost all the time. Wearing just pantyhose under leggings there is no noticeable see through and no VPL.

      • That’s brilliant value! I wish us Australians had prices and discounts like that here. I think Australia is now one of the most expensive countries in the world now. I am so not looking to receiving my next electricity bill!
        Shame they have discounted them though.

        I suppose the equivalent here would be from the sports and hiking stores and the prices would be well over $50. For sure!
        Have a good day!

  2. I agree – If you can see the colour of the underpants not the best thing to wear without something over them.

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