Disco Glitter Tights

Disco Glitter Tights

I’ve seen a few DIY blogs (Moustachic is one of the best) on how to make disco glitter tights!  Just thought I would share.  I don’t suppose they would last very long and you would definitely be leaving a ‘glitter’ trail in your wake……..but I don’t think that’s a bad thing – is it?


Here’s the basics:

Buy a cheap pair of tights, lay the tights on a sheet of card and spray each leg with photo mount, put glitter on, leave to dry for a minute and spray some more photo mount or hairspray on as a top coat.  Separate the tights on your arm to ensure they are not stuck together.


You could even add more glitter, sequins and placed crystals as well to achieve some of these catwalk looks.


Here’s the complete tutorial from Moustachic.  Take a look:


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