Dollfie Dream Dolls in Stockings!


Here’s something to light up the first day of the working week!  In my quest to find interesting hosiery I came across an website that plays dress up with dolls!

These are Dollfie Dream dolls, a 60cms doll made by Volks in Japan.  This character doll is much more flexible than the typical western Barbie dolls due to the much larger number of joints in the body.  I’ve read that these dolls are usually delivered ‘blank’, i.e. their heads are not painted, and when an artist paints a Dollfie, it’s known as “face-up” or “make-up”.

Here’s ‘Yukino’ putting on a little birthday show for their good friend ‘Pretty Cranium’.



Yukino is apparently a computer nerd but seems more than happy to show off her lingerie, including the back of the outfit and I quote:

“The back of the outfit is quite pretty as well. The stockings have those sexy seams down the back, and there’s the pretty lace bow at the top.”


Unfortunately she seems quite despondent when told by Pretty Cranium to go sit on the couch so her other friends can strip tease!




I must admit that I did have quite a giggle when I first started looking at these photos, but the attention to detail, which is typically Japanese, is amazing.

The target audience for these Dollfie Dream is actually Japanese male, that’s why the majority of the characters are mostly chosen from popular anime or eroge games.

That’s not to say Dollfie Dream is only for men, there are in fact plenty of female collectors as well.

Strangely, I think I’d like to start collecting them as well, but at $700 a pop,  I think I’ll have to stick with Barbie dolls.

I’d love to design a little hosiery range for them though!

Happy Monday!

The Hosiery Queen x


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