My Hunter Wellington Boots!


I’m crazy about my Hunter wellies, they appeal to me for their classic and casual ‘riding-esque’ style and look.  If you have not worn this wellie or gum boot (as Australians call it) then you are probably wondering ‘What’s the deal?’.

There are many brands of wellies out there but The Hunter is no ordinary gum boot.  This is a British company that dates back to 1856 and is the ultimate wellington boot.

When Kate Moss waltzed into the 2005 Glastonbury festival wearing a pair of Hunters in short shorts, the Hunter boot instantly became part of the iconic ‘Kate Moss Effect”.



The Hunter is unique, a statement of sophistication, style, comfortable and durability.  These boots stand next to the front door of many elite individuals and A-lister celebrities around the world; including HRM Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge.

tumblr_lxzdm2aP8S1qhft38My personal favourite is the classic ‘Original Tall’ and in winter and wet weather I wear them with shorts and dresses with thick patterned hosiery and woolly socks underneath for added comfort and warmth.

Snow Widow 13 small


Seeing as the Glastonbury festival wrapped up this weekend, I wonder how many Hunters were actually worn this year and how many Brit celebs and ‘It’ girls wore the $400 (eeeek!) Jimmy Choo version with gold buckles?




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