Ripped Jeans and Lace Tights


I remember this trend back in the 80’s when ripped jeans were first popular.  As a teenager I would wear my torn jeans with a pair of white tights from C&A underneath.  I’d chuck on a pair of cheap black patent stiletto heels and dance around the house singing ‘Lucky Star’.


Rihanna reignited the trend back in 2009 with large fishnets underneath her designer ripped jeans.  Today I also created the look in an attempt to stay warm in my ripped jeans; minus my 1980 cheap black stilettos and singing.

Rihanna sporting a new hair style in NYC.viv ripped

I think it’s still a relevant look and it’s kind of romantic to see a pair of patterned lace tights peeking out through the rough jagged edges of the denim.  The idea is not so much to co-ordinate the look as to create a juxtaposition of the harsh denim with the softer lace underneath.  It’s a look that can be rock chic naughty, cutesy or slightly provoking when worn tone on tone.

denim 1 denim  riped

rippe ripperripped jeansdenim2

What do you think of this 80’s look?



3 responses to “Ripped Jeans and Lace Tights

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