I am loving these old black and white photos of Zorita; the original 1940’s bad girl of burlesque and the ‘The Queen of the flashers’ when the cops were not around.


Zorita was known for her original and over the top raunchy dances and was instantly recognisable by her exotic fierce looks and jet black hair with blonde streaks.  Some of her more innovative routines included dancing in front of a rhinestone spider web, while the hands of an unseen spider gradually removed her clothing and the suggestive “Consummation of the Wedding of the Snake”.  In this routine she stripped while holding a live eight foot boa constrictor and used the movement of the snake to emphasize her own.


In an attempt to possibly censor this act she was arrested on February 1949 for cruelty to her snakes.  She was released on US$1500 bail, but her snakes, Elmer and Oscar, were sadly confiscated.  Apparently she also used to put her young daughter, Tawny, in a drawer during her performances in order to keep her safe.

Here she is with her 20 month old daughter and her snakes at the court hearing.  The other picture shows Zorita taking either Elmer or Oscar out for a walk!



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