Who needs books?


Here’s a vintage hosiery ad from Hanes. In bygone days it seems all you needed to wear was a pair of Hanes hosiery to be taken seriously.

‘You can read about women who are unforgettable, disarming and a not-so-quiet sensation, or you can become one by wearing new Mystrece’.

What on earth is this ad telling me?

You can read….but why would you want to?

Who needs books anyway………..or intelligence…………or even clothes for that matter? And how on earth do you even pronounce Mystrece?

Smug ‘near-naked’ Hanes wearing women need only reply.


2 responses to “Who needs books?

  1. In 1966 I was Production Manager of one of the biggest Hosiery Brands in the U.K and the sound of fully fashioned hosiery knitting frames knitting in unison is one of the all time great sounds that will live in my memory for ever. Well done Hosiery Queen for telling the world what a wonderful product Hosiery is. A craft industry indeed !

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