Throw Back Thursday!

Throw Back Thursday!
The Graduate’ is one of the most famous stocking-clad legs in cinema history….but it doesn’t belong to who you think.

Linda Gray was the ‘leg double’ for Anne Bancroft in the iconic scene from The Graduate in which Dustin Hoffman eyes up her stocking-clad leg.

She was a model before turning to acting and finding fame in the 1980’s Texan soap opera Dallas as JR Ewing’s wife, Sue Ellen Ewing.

Linda was paid $25 for one leg!


2 responses to “Throw Back Thursday!

  1. Probably the most famous stockings scene of all time! If they were to remake this today, what style do you think they would go for?

    • Oh, I think it has to be the original suspender stocking, something simple that looks like it’s not making a statement; when in actual fact it’s doing exactly the opposite! What a great movie!

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