‘Hoicking up’ your hold ups!


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The ‘hold up’, ‘stay up’ or ‘thigh high’ is a piece of hosiery with a silicone/elastic band sewn at the top which sits on your upper thigh.  Hold ups are definite ‘wolf whistle’ material and are just as sexy as stockings.  Hold ups are also practical in the summer months when hosiery is a requirement and you need to stay cool.  They also offer a lovely ‘smooth line’ appearance because a suspender belt isn’t required.

stayup7 stayup6     stay up3stayup2stayup4

So, hold ups shouldn’t fall down, should they?

Unfortunately, they do, and it always seems to be at the most importune moments.

Here’s poor Emma Spencer at the races.  You only need to see the first 10 seconds of this clip to see the consequences!

Basically, if you buy the wrong size holdups, put them on incorrectly, or buy a cheap brand that hasn’t researched the appropriate way to apply the all-important silicone, your hold ups will fall down.

I am sure, like Emma, we have all experienced ‘holdup slippage’ at some time.  I’ve been in meetings, at an important event or have been simply walking to my car when I’ve felt my hold ups slowly slipping down my legs.

I distinctly remember the first time I had ‘holdup slippage’, I was 24, in London and walking down Baker Street.  My hold ups suddenly lost grip and fell down my legs.  Horrified I ran to the nearest back street and hoicked them up.  I subsequently visited eight other back streets to do the same ‘hoicking’ until I gave up and tottered to the tube gripping my holdups mid-thigh, walking like a duck with a tummy bug.  I eventually found somewhere private to rip them off and endured the horror of bare pasty legs on the tube!  Eeeeeek!  I certainly muttered a few strange Anglo Saxon sayings under my breath that day.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  So here’s the Hosiery Queen’s handy hints and tips to successfully wearing hold ups;

  • Purchase holdups with an elastic and silicone band.  Some hold ups just have elastic, these will not hold on to your leg for long and are really only suitable for the ‘bedroom’.
  • Buy the correct size.  The band should fit snugly, mid-thigh and should not pinch or squeeze.
  • When putting on holdups turn the top band over to ensure the silicone does not come into contact with the skin.  When in position, flip the band over and smooth the silicone onto the leg.
  • Do not use body lotions or talcum powder.  This will affect the grip of the silicone.
  • Gently hand wash hold ups separately in cold water and do not use a fabric conditioner.
  • Some women can get an allergic reaction from the silicone.  If this is the case find a hold up that uses a pH balanced, hypoallergenic bi-component silicone.  You are probably going to have to phone the hosiery companies to ask what silicone they use.  If they don’t know, don’t buy from them.  They should know their products.  I do.
  • If all else fails there is a product called Staysput which will securely fix your holdups in place.  It’s a roll on gel which is applied to the legs where the silicone band will sit.

There you go!

Hold up Happiness, without the ‘hoicking’, achieved!


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