Weird Wednesday – A Look at Hideous Hosiery!

Fashion can be odd at times.

Here’s my collection of strange hosiery that I have seen over the years.

Varicose Veins

Here’s a proper varicose vein…………..and if you don’t have one of those……………get a fake one – yuck!


The Android Look

These are from Japan.  Apparently there is a whole web site dedicated to looking like C3PO.

a98063_tights_5-japanese 419pJZdFP0L__SY300_901863

The Frankenstein Look?

How about a Frankenstein look?  And if pretending you have stiches isn’t enough.  You can also go all out and get some matching shoes and a bloody necklace to complete the look – nice!

14392-gothic-stitched-kids-pantyhose          untitledjjj imagesCAABVE4Q imagesCAREZRLF

The Hairy Leg Look

Somebody give the girl a razor!  It’s amazing that women go out of their way to hacksaw themselves to bits and then buy a pair of  tights which make them look hairy!

The first picture was actually a mistake by J Crew and the picture went viral, but that’s what happens when you wear patterned nude hosiery!

I’m also not sure why anyone would want to walk around with a horses mane attached to their legs either?


The Skeleton Look

This look has been around for a few years now.  I still don’t get it.


Revealing Your Organs

Alternatively, if you don’t want to show your skeleton off, you can cut yourself open to reveal your organs or muscles…………vomit!

imagesCAHF8FGA imagesCA5WHZPQimagesCA302ZHEorgans pink


Bugged Out!

I don’t mind this picture, but I still wouldn’t like bugs all over my legs.

a98063_tights_6-lady-bug  unusual-tights-weird-ants-bugs-crawling

And finally:

The Floor Cleaner

Need the floor cleaning?  How about some fishnets with a mop on your knees?  Who needs Enjo when you can buy hosiery like this?


Later peeps! x


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