Men in Pantyhose – The Mantyhose Trend


Whenever I consider men in tights I think of medieval jesters from a Shakespearian play or super heros.


It seems, however, that this staple underwear for women is now very popular with the opposite sex.  Whether this is a cult or a simple fad, Mantyhose, Brosiery, Guylons, He-tards, Beau-hose, or whatever you want to call them, the wearing of hosiery by men has gained momentum over the last couple of years.

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I can’t pretend to understand the psychology on why men would want to wear pantyhose.  My understanding is that it can be for a variety of reasons; warmth, performance, medical, simply shock-value to elicit a reaction, making a fashion statement, a fetish or cross dressing to name a few.  There are probably a few men out there with the fantasy that women are ‘turned on’ by the sight of them in pantyhose.  In my humble opinion that is a very rare group of ladies.

Anyway, I digress, so let’s move away from the fetish side and take a look at men wearing hosiery in terms of making a fashion statement.  My understanding is that the Italian design house Emilio Cavallini started the Mantyhose fashion trend in 2009 with a unisex range of tights via their online shop.  Apparently European men picked up on this decorative hosiery and liked the idea of having patterns on their legs standing out from their shoes or ripped jeans.

I understand that men now account for around 2.5% of the hosiery market.

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Getting men to speak out about the subject is probably incredibly difficult and I imagine that over the years I have probably walked past many men with pantyhose under their regular clothing and I haven’t even noticed.  Indeed, I only started researching Mantyhose because there was a man at my local department store this weekend buying hosiery for himself and it fascinated me.

So, do I like men in pantyhose?

I have dated quite a few men with better legs than mine and they would have looked fantastic in hosiery!  It’s also an open secret that many hosiery companies use male legs for their photo-shoots.  Male legs are longer and more defined to show off the product to the female pantyhose market.

Personally I still think men in tights is an unusual look but if worn as a stylish fashion statement it can be a great way for men to decorate their legs.

If  worn incorrectly then I have no desire to see it.


I would say the same to women in bad hosiery too.


Ultimately.  It’s not hurting anyone is it?  So each to their own I say.


I actually quite like this look and wouldn’t be put off by any man wearing this:


Men, if you do, however, chose to wear hosiery.  Please remember the simple rule.  Shave your legs.


And, if it is ‘just for warmth’ reasons, be reminded that long johns do still exist.


10 responses to “Men in Pantyhose – The Mantyhose Trend

    • Hello Rosario
      Thanks so much for the message. I am really happy that you would like to try pantyhose.

      Anyway, just letting you know that I’m putting together a small range of pantyhose for men. I think there is a genuine demand for it and there’s really nothing available in good quality at an affordable price.

      Stay tuned! We are launching the ladies range around September this year. The men’s will follow early next year. Would love your feedback!

      Have a good day!


      • That would be great to be able to find good quality pantyhose for men at a reasonable price. I have on the odd occassion wore womens pantyhose (halloween) and did find them very comfortable. I have problems with my legs and should wear support pantyhose but they are out of my price range.

  1. Thank you for the balanced writing! My wife got me to try on nylon stockings a few years ago, and I discovered that they feel good. Then, I tried support pantyhose and found that they feel really, really good. Now I wear them casually under shorts. Yes, I keep my legs shaved.

    • Hello Tom.
      Thanks so much for the message and glad you liked the post! I am really happy that you enjoy wearing hosiery. There are so many other men that do wear hosiery and don’t speak up!

      Anyway, I’m putting together a small range of pantyhose for men. I think there is a genuine demand for it and there’s really nothing available in good quality at an affordable price.

      Stay tuned!

      We are launching the ladies range around September this year. The men’s will follow early next year. Would love to know what you think!

      Have a good day!


  2. Hi Viv

    I have ben wearing pantyhose and tights for over 20 years.
    I hated wearing long johns. They were baggy, itchy uncomfortable and hot under trousers. Pantyhose added the right layer and as men and women both have the same issues with legs, pantyhose benefits us all.
    I would love to be wearing them with shorts. The guys I have seen look very stylish and with men’s wear as dull as it is, the look allows us to have a bit of fun with fashion. Up till now, it seems to be a crime for men to have variety.

    There are a number of companies in Europe making pantyhose for men as well as

  3. Long johns are not a good option for those of us who work outdoors in the cold. They are bulky, and ride up behind the knees and cut off circulation. Support pantyhose like Leggs sheer energy active support work much better. They stay in place and are quite warm when working outdoors and deer hunting.

  4. mens tights and pantyhose seem to not offer the colors and styles that womens pantyhose and tights i prefer womens hosiery more better feel. i wear for warmth, feel, support and the way they make my legs look

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