Stockings and Suspenders


I got asked a question yesterday about suspender belts.  What are the best ones?  To be honest I think we all imagine suspender belts as being the ‘play-bedroom’ type.  Which makes me sad as many women probably avoid wearing stockings and suspenders, on an everyday basis, as they are deemed ‘impractical’.


So, let’s get one thing straight, the ‘bedroom’ suspender will always show under your clothes.  The straps are twice as long as they should be and are usually positioned on the side, so cannot be hidden.  In most cases the suspender belt is flimsy, uncomfortable and will always slide down.

There are, however, some very practical suspender belts available and many business women do wear them to work with serious tailored suits and no one is any the wiser.

So what is the best type of suspender belt and how do you wear them?

Firstly, suspender belts can come with four or six straps/garters, I always recommend to go for the six garter version.  You wouldn’t put an expensive diamond in a four claw ring setting would you?  The same goes for your legs.  Six offers more protection.

Practical suspender belts are much larger at the waist so there is no slippage, they have a rear fastener similar to a good bra and at least two rows of hooks for adjustment.  The garter straps should have adjustable buckles on them as well.  These straps should be kept short to keep the stockings high and close fitting.  Bearing this in mind it is also advisable to purchase a longer stocking to consider the shorter strap. The two (or one) front garters should be close together in the front and they should be fastened a little inside the thigh where they will not be visible under clothing.  The rear garter will usually not be noticeable.


So, there you go, a little bit of guidance on stockings and suspenders which I hope will help put more women, comfortably, into them everyday and not just for special occasions!


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