Heel Shapes for design inspiration – What’s your favourite?


Putting together the next range of hosiery to be launched in early 2014 and inspired by the different types of stocking heels available.

I am particularly fond of the ‘Manhattan’ as I’ve not seen a heel like this in ages.

What’s your favourite?

stocking Heels

Here’s the definitions:

French – Popular in the 1950’s with a stepped triangle shape on the heel. This is also known as the ‘point’ heel.


Manhattan – This is a rare fancy outline heel usually used exclusively for evening wear. It is similar to the Cuban heel but with a slightly pointed top and an outline around the heel and underfoot.


Havana – Seen in the 1940’s and 1950’s, slightly wider and lower than the Cuban heel tapering out into a smoother point. The reinforcement under the foot is cut away making the heel and foot detailing subtle yet alluring.


Cuban heel – Defined by an opaque foot bed that runs from the toes past the heel. The Cuban heel is thinner and finishes with a squared top higher up the calf than the Havana heel.



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