White stockings – not a fan!


I have never been a fan of white hosiery, it reminds me of my school days. I think only nurses should wear them, both the sensible AND the naughty weekend variety, oh, and brides. So for all those women (and men) with some white unused hosiery sitting in the cupboard I’ve helped you out with a little morning research.

Here’s my first unique tip for using your old pantyhose:

#1 – Keeping your white ceiling fans clean!

Slide a single white stocking onto each blade! It will help to keep them clean for ages. It’s preferable to have the ‘thigh high type’ as the silicone band around the top will hold it onto the blade.

Now I’ve never been married (or seen a bride with four legs) so unfortunately I don’t own any white thigh high stockings.

Maybe now this is the perfect reason to walk down the aisle….

Later – The Hosiery Queen x


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