Not another pair of fishnets

This is a blog about my journey setting up a business designing and selling patterned hosiery worldwide.

Standard fishnets are boring and quite frankly I am completely confused by the disarray of hosiery on offer in department stores.  I have never found a tan coloured pantyhose that does my legs justice, the choice seems to be either high shine hose resulting in ‘plastic looking legs’ or dull baggy ‘nana’ tights that reminds me of my school days.  I will continue the search for that elusive tan hosiery, but for now I will concentrate on designing a great range of patterned hosiery for the leg fashionista.

So for now ‘The Hosiery Queen’ will be a small range of exclusive patterned hosiery, produced using the latest seamless technology.  Limited quantities will be produced to ensure the exclusive nature of the designs.

Launching September 2013.

Taking inspiration from contemporary fashion trends, vintage pieces and a love of art, travel, history and books.  The Hosiery Queens designs will elongate and slim your pins like no other brand.  The Hosiery Queen will change the way you accessorise your legs forever.

This is high quality affordable luxury hosiery.

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